Jane Willcocks


Hello, I am Jane and I have been a dental hygienist at The Buckley Practice since 2002.

I see my role as passionately helping my patients improve their oral health and consequently their smiles.

I enjoy treating children and see many youngsters undergoing orthodontic treatment, both at our practice (The Bromley Orthodontic Clinic) and also outside orthodontic practices (NHS and private).

I am committed to ensuring patients maintain excellent oral health during their orthodontic treatment as I have seen beautifully aligned teeth undermined by a patients poor oral hygiene. Cleaning is much harder during orthodontic treatment and I am here to help you achieve the best possible result and keep it that way for ever.

I also have a special interests in whitening and facial aesthetics and am happy to answer any questions you may have, in complete confidence of course.

I endeavour to care for you with a large dose of humour thrown in..

In my spare time I like running shortly followed by walking(!) travel and baking - i haven't bought a loaf since 2010. I also enjoy foraging - becoming the Buckley's answer to Ray Mears!!