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Modern dental care is as much about prevention of disease as treatment for it. Establishing a good home care routine and undertaking regular reviews, form the cornerstone of our prevention programme to help you maintain your oral health.
The Buckley Practice offers extensive advice and care, together with a range of products to keep you healthy and well. Our aim is to give you a happy and healthy smile for life.
Did you know?
- Approximately 1 in 4 people have bad breath (halitosis) on a regular basis
- 67% of people have refused a second date due to bad breath
- Teenagers are twice as likely to suffer from bad breath when they skip breakfast
- 90% of cases of bad breath originates in the mouth
- Brushing alone only cleans about 60% of the tooth surfaces.

Halitosis can drastically impair lifestyle, having a major impact on social activities, friendships, relationships and on career progression.

So how do you know if you have bad breath?
Try a simple test: lick the back of your wrist and sniff, if the smell is unpleasant, it is almost certain your breath is too.

The most common cause of bad breath is the smelly gases (volatile sulphur compounds or VSCs) that the bacteria in your mouth release if cleaning is not up to scratch.
Other causes include gum disease, decay, a poorly cleaned denture, food (e.g. garlic) and drink (e.g. coffee), smoking, dry mouth and sometimes certain medical conditions.

Dry mouth (or Xerostomia) is caused by a reduction in the flow of saliva. This is a serious condition and it is very important that it is not ignored as it has profound implications for your oral and general wellbeing.

Most commonly a dry mouth may be caused by mouth breathing, snoring, anxiety, smoking and alcohol.
It is also a common side effect of many prescribed medications and is often a complication of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Conditions such as diabetes, anaemia, Sjogrens, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's can also cause a dry mouth.

So what can you do if you suspect you have bad breath or dry mouth?
Make an appointment to come in and see us.
Our dedicated dental and hygiene teams can check for the causes and show you how to treat, alleviate and prevent these serious and unpleasant conditions.
If you want to know more about fresh breath or would like to arrange an appointment please contact us on 0208 460 9742 or by email
We offer both private and NHS dental care for children and young adults up to 18 years of age.
Tooth decay is a serious but preventable disease.
But even though it is a preventable disease it has a major impact on lives
Did you know?

  • The National Dental Survey in 2013 found that a 1/3rd of five-year-olds and nearly half of eight-year-olds had signs of decay in their baby teeth and 46% of 15-year-olds had decay in their teeth.
  • Dental caries is the most common reason a child between five and nine years of age is admitted to hospital in the UK and these figures are increasing year on year. Between 2013 and 2014, approximately 46,500 children and young adults under the age of 19 were admitted to hospital for a general anaesthesia to treat dental decay
  • This disease can impact on other family members too as 1 in 5 parents of 15-year-olds said they had taken time off work because of their child's oral health in the last six months.
Sarah Buckley is our experienced paediatric dentist and she believes in making your child's visit a fun one.
Your child's wellbeing is paramount and maintaining a healthy smile for life, our ultimate aim.
Sarah's gentle approach and caring attitude aims to encourage even the most reluctant child to become confident in the dental environment.
As your child grows up we will continue to offer preventive advice and keep a check on their dental health and development. Hopefully we can set and keep them on the road to a disease free mouth for life

So the key messages to maintain dental health and prevent your child becoming one of these statistics are:
  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.
Sean Buckley, Angela Northfield and Sasha Meyrick-Wicks welcome your children on a private basis for all their dental needs and are available throughout the week to suit you. Hygiene appointments are similarly available on a private only basis.
We appreciate that many people are uncomfortable about their dental visit, and some of us have a great deal of anxiety about visiting the dentist or receiving dental care.

Our practice facilities are designed to create as relaxing an environment as possible and our team make every effort to try to reduce any anxiety as much as possible.

At our practice you are in control. Our dentists will always explain what your options are and give you all the information you need to make informed choices.

We provide sedation in the form of intravenous (I.V.) sedation and the Buckley Practice was one of the first dental practices in the U.K. to offer this treatment. So for those of you whose anxiety is more serious and impacts upon your ability to receive dental care, then you can take advantage of our sedation clinic.

Our anxious patients who have had their treatment with sedation, tell us that not only do they feel more comfortable at the time but have found that it also reduces their anxiety levels about future visits.
The advantages of I.V. Sedation include:
  • It is a proven and safe technique
  • It is fast acting and takes effect within a few minutes
  • It leaves you feeling pleasantly relaxed and comfortable, both during and after treatment.
  • It alleviates anxiety,
  • It allows you to remain responsive to commands or requests, preventing you feeling 'out of control'.
  • There is a short recovery time
  • IV sedation can suppress the gag reflex in over-sensitive patients.
  • It can be used for any treatment from simple cleaning to complex removal of teeth or placement of implants.
  • IV conscious sedation provides an effective, safer alternative to General Anaesthesia
Sean Buckley, Angela Northfield and Louis McArdle are all able to provide sedation care for patients. If you want to know more about sedation or would like to arrange an appointment please contact us on 0208 460 9742 or by email
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